Gem Digging in Kalimantan : Types of Gems Found

Kalimantan, the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo, is a gem hunter’s paradise. Known for its rich mineral resources and diverse geological formations, Kalimantan attracts gem enthusiasts from around the world. This region is a hotspot for gem digging, offering a variety of precious stones. 

This article explores the different types of gems found in Kalimantan and why this locale is a must-visit for gem diggers.

A Treasure Trove of Borneo
Kalimantan's gem deposits are a result of millions of years of geological activity, creating an environment where various types of gemstones can be found. The region's terrain, rich in volcanic and sedimentary rocks, provides the perfect conditions for the formation of gems. Let’s delve into some of the most notable types of gems that can be unearthed in Kalimantan.

Perhaps the most famous gemstones from Kalimantan are diamonds. The province of South Kalimantan, particularly the area around Martapura, is renowned for its diamond mines. These diamonds are typically alluvial, meaning they are found in riverbeds where erosion has deposited them over centuries. Kalimantan diamonds are known for their exceptional clarity and quality, making them highly sought after in the global market.

Kalimantan also boasts a significant presence of sapphires. These precious stones are primarily found in the areas around Ketapang and Landak in West Kalimantan. Sapphires from this region range in color from deep blue to vibrant yellow and green. The unique hues of Kalimantan sapphires are attributed to the specific mineral compositions of the local soil and rocks.

Agates are another type of gemstone commonly found in Kalimantan. These semi-precious stones are known for their striking patterns and vibrant colors. The island’s agates often display intricate bands of colors, including red, orange, yellow, and brown. They are particularly abundant in the region around Sangkulirang in East Kalimantan, where the geological conditions are ideal for agate formation.

For those who admire purple gemstones, Kalimantan offers stunning amethysts. These gems are primarily found in the central regions of the island. Amethysts from Kalimantan are prized for their deep violet hues and exceptional clarity. They are often used in various forms of jewelry, from rings to pendants, making them a popular find for gem diggers.

Kalimantan is also home to a variety of jasper stones. These gems are known for their rich, earthy colors and intricate patterns, often resembling landscapes or abstract art. The region around Paser in East Kalimantan is particularly noted for its high-quality jasper deposits. These stones are often used for decorative purposes and in artisan jewelry.

Though less common than other gemstones, opals are also found in Kalimantan. The opals from this region can exhibit a range of colors, with some displaying the rare and coveted play-of-color effect. These gems are typically found in sedimentary rock formations, making them a unique addition to the variety of gemstones available in Kalimantan.

Gem digging in Kalimantan offers a thrilling experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The island's diverse geological landscape provides an abundant supply of precious and semi-precious stones, each with unique characteristics and beauty. From diamonds and sapphires to agates and jaspers, the variety of gems found in Kalimantan makes it a premier destination for gem hunting.

Whether you're an experienced gemologist or a casual collector, Kalimantan’s gem fields promise a rewarding adventure. The region’s rich deposits ensure that every dig has the potential to unearth something spectacular. Plan your trip to Kalimantan today and discover the hidden treasures of this gem-rich island.

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